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Welcome to RobustIT, these are the most commonly asked questions from our students. We hope this section will help you find answers you are looking for.

General Enquiries

I haven't received my training Brochure?

If you haven't received your training brochure, feel free to resubmit another enquiry or For all enquries call us on: For US +1 855 578 6902 | For UK 02038757827

This information i submitted was incorrect

Do no worry if your information was incorrect. Just resubmit another enquiry.

Training Enquiries

What computer do i need to be able to access the course?

You can connect to our courses via any computer or tablet with an internet connection. We may ask you to login through a live lab or download an app for your tablet.

How much time do i get access to the course for?

12 months unlimited access (unless otherwise stated).

Do i get help with the studying?

We offer tutor support throughout your entire training. This is readily available via UK freephone, USA toll-free, and email.

What jobs will i be qualified for after getting certified?

Depending on the course you are studying there are a variety of jobs available. We can also help you with your job search.

How can i get practical, hands on training by doing the studying online?

Your account may be eligible for access to our live practical labs. These powerful tools simulate a classroom training environment and are run through our remote server. All of our software specific training courses will include live lab access, this means that the likes of our Microsoft and Cisco Courses packages (amongst others) will come packaged with our intuitive live lab systems.

What if the syllabus is updated while i am studying?

As the IT industry is a forever evolving process, we ensure that all our courses are updated with the latest information and changes to the syllabus at no extra charge! This is to ensure you have an excellent learning experience and are not behind on the times.

Student Enquiries

I've redeemed a Groupon Voucher but have not recieved any login details or futher information?

The automated nature of our voucher redemption means that some mail services file the login email into your junk or spam folders, so your details to access the training may have been incorrectly filtered and filed in your junk or spam. If you have checked your junk and spam and still cannot find your redemption email please get in touch with us at support@robustittraining.com, quoting your voucher code, and we will investigate this further.

I can't see the Navigation Bar at the bottom of my training pages

Is the zoom setting on your browser set to 100%? If the zoom settings on your web browser is not set to 100% you may not be able to see the entire training page. You can change the level of zoom on your browser in the settings section of your particular browser.

I have completed my course, do i receive a certificate?

Yes, all of our courses have either a completion certificate or official qualification. You will usually find your certificate available for download right from your training portal once you've completed all of the tests on your account

The modules aren't loading / why am i seeing a prompt from Adobe Flash?

Some of our courses run on Adobe Flash, if you are seeing a prompt from Adobe Flash or the courseware is not loading correctly please ensure you are running the latest version of Flash on your machine and try to reload the page. You can find out whether your Flash player is up to date at the following webpage: www.helpx.adobe.com

I am trying to complete a test section but 'wrong' or 'incorrect' are flashing up before i can even read the question

Some of our tests are not compatible with certain browsers, if you are seeing 'wrong' or 'incorrect' before you even attempt a question it is likely that your browser is not compatible. Most problems occur when students attempt to access the tests using Internet Explorer. We do recommend that you access the courseware using a modern browser, such as Google Chrome, which you can download from the following link: www.google.com/chrome/browser

The course progress timer on my account is not accurately reflecting the amount of time spent, what is the reason for this?

The course progress timer on student's accounts only correctly updates when students are correctly logging out of their account. If you are simply closing your web browser without clicking 'logout' the time spent will not be correctly logged.

Am i able to print off a hand copy of my training programme?

In most cases yes, you are able to print your training from your portal - so that you have a hardcopy for your reference. To do please navigate to the 'printable versions' section of your account, which will be found at the bottom of the course that you wish to print. You will then be taken to the printable version page, where you can choose the specific module you would like to print off. You will then see a PDF version of the module, which you can then print from your browser.

Login Enquiries

I can't remember my username/password?

We have a lost password button on the login page of our site. This is located below the Sign On button. Simply click on this and enter your User ID or the email address that you signed up with, and we'll email your login information to you.

Make sure you are entering credentials correctly.

Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure that you are typing your password exactly as it appears in your setup email.

You might experience problems if you are copying and pasting your login information. This is because it is easy to accidentally copy a space at the beginning or end of your password. Try typing in your details manually.

Are you using the correct login page? Some of our courses use different login pages. Check below to make sure that you are using the right login page for your training.

When i try to log in, it says my account is disabled!

How long ago did you purchase your course? Most of our training comes with 12 months unlimited access. Check your setup email to find the date that your course started and how long you have access for. If your course has expired, you will not be able to log in. However, your progress has not been lost. If you would like to purchase an extension, just give us a call or drop us an email.

If you have put your training course on hold for any reason, you will need to get in touch us so that you can resume your training.

If you are receiving this message when your course hasn't expired and you have not requested that it be put on hold, please get in touch with us.